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Welcome Message

We would like to help answer your questions about the complicated world of investments, taxes and insurance and then help plan - and meet - your future goals such as financing a college education or a long retirement.

There are ways to accomplish your goals without being heavily taxed, and ways to use the same dollar to do many things at once. People with strong financial goals not only need to work hard, but smart. You have proven you are good at what you do. Learning to be equally good at managing your money, in addition to other responsibilities, can be involved and time-consuming. These days many investors are on "information overload" and need some objective advice to decipher what is best for them.

My clients enjoy a simple, yet thorough, approach to planning for the future. I enjoy building long-term relationships and want to be a continued resource for your questions.

May I help you make those important decisions? Let me explain the services I provide - then you make the decision. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Patricia Kummer